I love mobislyder, it really helped me a lot on my research. The process of installation of this camera holder is easy plus it has a nice firm hold on the camera itself which alleviates my worry about my camera or even my phone suddenly falling off the stand. The best thing about this is that all of the pictures that I am taking now are already in better quality. The viewers can already appreciate them more especially since they are already sharper. I hate it when my hands suddenly move while I am taking pictures because the result is often blurry. Good thing this is not anymore a source of concern after I bought Mobislyder.


Mobislyder is the fulfillment of every photographer’s dream. Perhaps, one of the most dreaded scenarios by a photographer is when their hands suddenly shake or their hands are naturally twitchy. The result of this are photographs that are not appealing to the eye. But when I decided to buy Mobislyder, this problem was immediately solved. All you need is to set up the whole system on your own and you are good to go.


I like that Mobislyder can hold both my Android and iOS devices. In that way, I will not anymore find the need to buy one for each of the devices I have. This is very beneficial to use especially during your outing. You do not anymore need to get a person to take a snap for the whole team because through manipulation of the device and proper setup, it can already take the picture without any help. What more is that it is extremely cheaper than expected too and made up of high-quality materials. Also, they are generous enough to give me a lot of FREEBIES that you cannot find else in other garage door companies and marketplaces. Kudos to this.