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Different Types of Garage Door Repair

by Grace Alexander

Eventually, every garage door needs some kinds of garage door repair work. How extensive the work required will vary for the type of garage door.

Some garage door experiences serious damages and others may experience little wear and tear.  There may be some problems with hardware, panels, or springs. You can handle them on your own but garage door springs need the services of professionals because they are very dangerous and can cause injuries. Don’t forget that garage door repair projects depend on the style o door you have. Automatic garage doors are complicated to fix than the manual one. Visit the link to avail reliable garage door repair services and to get your garage door back in good working condition.

If you want to perform a DIY garage door repair work, make sure that you have unplugged the garage door opener. It will protect you from getting an electric shock while you are conducting fixing work. You will probably be standing on the ladder which can get an electric shock easily and make you all off from the ladder. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses and gloves while handling these powerful devices. The following are the common types of garage door repair work.

Garage door tracks repair

Some easy tips may solve the problem of garage door tracks. A steel garage door may have bumps or dents. If you experience these types of damages, strike the dented area with the help of a wooden block and hammer to fix the track.

Garage door balance issue

If the garage door tracks are nor aligned properly, then the door will not open or close smoothly. You will not need to unscrew the entire tracks. You should try to tighten up the loose screws and bolts to slightly reposition the tracks. Here you can use the measuring scale to level and check the required alignment of tracks. There may be accumulated grease and hardened dirt on the tracks which will make the garage door freeze on its way. You will have to wash and lubricate it. Some issues may solve by just cleaning and drying the tracks. You should clean and lubricate them on regular bases.

Lubricate all the moving parts

Lubricate all the tracks, rollers and hinges to keep your garage door in working conditions. Sometimes just lubricating the moving parts will fix the garage door in no time. You can use silicon or lubricant spray after cleaning all the components. Actually, any moving device will get benefits from lubrication.

Tighten up all the loosen parts

Screws, nuts, and blots tend to be loose with the passage of time. Inspect all the moving parts which are responsible for the opening or closing operations. Sometimes, you can fix the whole system by just tightening the loose brackets. If you are not able to tighten the loose screws or nuts just because of holes themselves have made bigger, then you can add “wood fillers” to fill the gaps.

Garage door springs problems

If you have tried all these solutions but none of them have worked to make a garage door functional. The problem might be with the garage door springs system. However, it is not recommended to perform a DIY project if the issue seems to be with the torsion springs. Unluckily, there are numerous reported cases that homeowners have gotten injured or killed by the torsion springs.

If you are not able to attempt the DIY garage door repair work on your own, just stay away from doing it. Hire a professional garage door services will save you from injuries and other hassles.